1977 Toyota Corona DLX Hardtop 2-Door 2.2L 20R

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Technical specifications

Engine:2.2L 2189CC l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated
Trim:DLX Hardtop 2-Door
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Very rare 1977 Toyota Corona HT (Hard Top) – RT115. I bought this car in 1985 and it has been a daily driver and restoration project almost 30 years. 486,000 miles, 5spd, cold AC.

The Good:
Less than 4K miles on new clutch.
New Engine at 465,000 miles, I replaced the engine simply because I had enough parts to build a new one, there was nothing wrong with the original. I acquired a new (never used) block which had be bored .050 over, .050 over pistons and a balanced crank, that was intended for a circle track engine, at a price too good to pass up. I took these along with a collection of 20R heads to a machinist and told him to build a motor. He picked the best head, did a 5 angle valve grind, some mild porting and mild cam grinding.
Weber 32/36 progressive downdraft carb.
Header (Hedman I believe)
Replaced points with Pertronix Igniter.
With the engine build, weber carb and header, the engine HP was estimated by the engine builder to be between 140 and 150 HP (stock 97 HP)
All new suspension except springs (New ball joints, tie rods, shocks, idler arm, pitman arm)
Less than 10K miles on brake pads and shoes.
Fiberglass front fenders.
Sealed Beam headlights replaced with H1 and H7 conversion.

The Bad:
Tires: There is plenty of tread left on the tires, but there is a substantial amount of dry-rot visible on the sidewalls, and the car suffers a definite lack of traction in wet conditions.
Hail Damage: After completing the engine restoration I had the body done and then the car encounter a monster hail storm. Golf-ball sized hail + thin Japanese steel = fantastic new dimpled look.
Rust: Since having the car painted there is now rust evidence behind the rear wheels and other typical places. The hail impacts actually broke the paint is several places which has allowed rust to get a foot hold several places.
Interior: About what you would expect from a 70’s car with 500K miles. Was never able to take on that part of the restoration project.
Brake Fluid Leak: One of the Master Cylinder reservoirs has a crack where it mounts to the master cylinder and leaks fluid.
Blower Motor Resister failure – This item has failed and I have been unable to locate a replacement. The interior blower motor only runs at high speed.
Window noise – The nylon guides have all disintegrated and when in the down position the windows rattle inside the doors.

The Unknown:
There is a mysterious issue which sometimes develops above 3500 RPM’s. When it happens the car begins bucking and loosing power. I am convinced that it is due to: fuel delivery (fuel pump – original item); Ignition (Distributer is an original item, almost 500K miles) or possibly the Pertonix Igniter (10 yrs old) (issue is sometimes worse on damp days); carb tune; restriction on fuel return; bad ground (turning off electrics will sometimes clear up the problem). I have replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor, cleaned all ground connections, cleaned fuse box connections, blown compressed air through the fuel return lines. Each has improved the situation, but I still haven’t gotten my head around this issue.

The Disappointing:
Dashboard: After 10 years of searching I finally located a replacement dash cap for this car. The HT shares the dash with the wagon and none of the cover places make that model. To my good fortune, the dash I finally found was perfect! I loving cleaned it with gentle solutions and for 6 days I coated it with a protectant. Within 2 weeks, it had cracked. The upside is that now the original could be sent to a place like Just Dashes where they strip it down to the skeleton and rebuild it, and not have to worry about it being messed up and stuck with the result.
Driver’s Door: About a year ago the car was hit while parked in a parking lot. Minor dent. The other driver’s insurance paid for the repair and the color match was perfect…..Untill they shot the clear. Now it’s just a bit, off.
Not too long ago, within the past year anyway, I was out enjoying a bit of a spirited drive, yes the interstate speed limit was being exceeded, significantly, and the chrome trim around the passenger window decided to depart.

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